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Impact of welfare reform on fuel poverty in Wales March 2013

This report highlights the impact welfare reform is likely to have on fuel poverty in Wales. It includes a recommendation section on what can be done to mitigate these impacts.

Impact of welfare reform on Fuel Poverty in Wales


Housing Action Paper February 2013

Cuts Watch Cymru has recently completed its action paper on Housing reform. The paper firstly highlights the impact of changes to housing policy in Wales, before presenting steps the government could take to reduce the impact of housing reform. The report was sent direct to Huw Lewis Minister for Housing, Regeneration, and Heritage, and Leighton Andrews Minister for Education and Skills. There are imminent plans to meet with both Minsters to discuss the recommendations in the next few weeks.

Housing Action Paper

Benefits Briefing October 2012

Cuts Watch Cymru’s latest statistical briefing has been produced to give an overview of the characteristics of claimants across the main benefits, using the latest available data for Wales. This will be a regular briefing which focuses on specific benefits that are subject to change, where data is available. The current briefing focuses on several of the major out-of-work benefits that are subject to change, which include: Job seeker’s Allowance Incapacity Benefit Employment and Support Allowance Income Support.

CWC Briefing Oct 2012 Final

Benefits Cap

Cuts Watch Cymru looks at the number of people in Wales likely to be affected by the introduction of the Benefit Cap. Between May and September 2012 the DWP contacted households and individuals that they believe will be affected to inform them of the potential change to their benefits. The DWP has since produced a statistical breakdown of those households and individuals contacted.

This briefing examines this breakdown from a Wales perspective to show how many households and individuals in are likely to be affected by the cap, and gives some of the key figures with relation to how much each household or individual stands to lose under the new cap.

Cuts Watch Cymru is an independent coalition of organisations monitoring the impact of changes to social security benefits on people in Wales.

CWC Benefits Cap Final

Cuts Watch Cymru Benefits – Equalities

This report highlights the marked differences between different people with ‘protected characteristics’ who claim benefits in Wales.

Cuts Watch Cymru Benefits Briefing – June 2012

This report focuses on Small Areas in Wales. There are 72 communities in Wales in which 30% or more of the working-age population claim at least one out-of-work welfare benefit. These communities account for nearly a fifth of all claimants of out-of-work benefits in Wales.

Cuts Watch Cymru Benefits Briefing – May 2012

The first monthly statistical briefing produced by Cuts Watch Cymru gives an overview of the characteristics of claimants across the main benefits, using the latest available data for Wales.

Crisis Loans: Experiences of People in Need research paper

This research paper focuses on the experiences of a small number of people in need of Crisis Loans. Their experiences not only highlight a number of issues in the current system but provide useful pointers to how new arrangements could provide better support to people in emergency need.

Wales On The Edge report

People in Wales face the toughest challenge to their well-being for decades from a combination of economic crisis, job losses, a squeeze on earnings and rising prices. They face, in addition, cuts to public services and a radical reform of social security benefits. This report focuses on and reviews the evidence on the changes to key social security benefits and the likely impact on people and communities, the majority of which are yet to be felt.

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