Research by Our Members

This Section will provide links to other research by our memeber organisations on the effect of welfare reform and public spending cuts in Wales.

Oxfam Reports
The Perfect Storm

Save The Children Reports
Ending Child Poverty 2012
Families And Schools Together (FAST) briefing.
Poverty Premium

Bevan Foundation Reports

Abolishing The Safety Net report – Mark Drakeford AM and Kirrin Davidson
This unique report outlines the development of the Social Fund since its introduction, highlights the many criticisms of its concept and delivery since then, and concludes with detailed suggestions for a distinctive way forward in Wales. The authors urge the Welsh Government to take a strategic lead, and also suggest that Credit Unions have a key role to play in helping people to avoid having recourse to the Fund in future.

Working All Hours: The part-time poverty trap – Paul Blyton and Jean Jenkins
Changes that are taking place in the labour market are explored in depth by looking at the experiences of workers at the former Burberry factory in Rhondda – the authors Paul Blyton and Jean Jenkins find that workers not only lost earning potential when they lost their jobs, but their saw their whole quality of life affected.

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