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Discretionary Assistance Fund Falling Short?

Discretionary Assistance Fund Falling Short?                        What happens when someone has no money – nothing at all? From April 2nd you’ll apply for help from the Welsh Government’s Discretionary Assistance Fund.  The contract to operate this £10.2m Fund has been awarded to Northgate Public Services working with Family Fund Trading and Wrexham CBC. Many […]

Cuts Watch Cymru Lauch Housing Action Paper

Cuts Watch Cymru has recently completed its action paper on Housing reform. The paper firstly highlights the impact of changes to housing policy in Wales, before presenting steps the government could take to reduce the impact of housing reform. The report was sent direct to Huw Lewis Minister for Housing, Regeneration, and Heritage, and Leighton […]

Our Response to the Autumn Statement

The rise in welfare payments, inside and outside of work, will be limited to 1 per cent. Osborne states that this is below inflation but emphasizes that it is in line with average rises in private sector pay. Of course many people who rely on benefits are in fact working. The Chancellor expects the uprating […]

What Cymorth Cymru’s Response to Austerity Britain?

Cymorth Cymru, in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Housing Cymru and Welsh Tenants, recently held an event entitled “Sustaining Tenancies in Tough Times”.  The aim of the day was to explore the impact the current economic climate and public spending regime (particularly benefit changes) is having on the people our members work with and […]

Five Things for Cameron to Remember

As was widely tipped David Cameron made even more draconian announcements about “welfare” yesterday, Victoria Winckler points out five facts to remember. The most costly element of the “welfare” bill is pensions, not Income Support for lone parents or Housing Benefit. Pensions and related benefits for pensioners account for two-thirds of social security benefits (£96.6 billion out […]

Cuts Watch Cymru reaction to Welsh Government Tackling Poverty Action Plan

Cuts Watch Cymru said: “The new Welsh Government Tackling Poverty Action Plan published today is right to recognise the challenges facing the increasing numbers of people living in poverty across Wales.  “The strategy emphasises the costs of poverty – not only to the individuals and families blighted by a lack of hope and basic day […]

A Pause for Thought on Poverty

With the Welsh Government’s Tackling Poverty Action Plan said to be imminent, the latest figures on poverty should give Ministers pause for thought. Most importantly, the widely-reported drop in the proportion of people living in poverty doesn’t make the need for action any less urgent. Overall, there are still about 638,000 people living in poverty […]