Cuts Watch Cymru Lauch Housing Action Paper

Cuts Watch Cymru has recently completed its action paper on Housing reform. The paper firstly highlights the impact of changes to housing policy in Wales, before presenting steps the government could take to reduce the impact of housing reform. The report was sent direct to Huw Lewis Minister for Housing, Regeneration, and Heritage, and Leighton Andrews Minister for Education and Skills. There are imminent plans to meet with both Minsters to discuss the recommendations in the next few weeks.

To read the action paper please click the this link: Housing Action Paper

Julian Rosser, head of Oxfam Cymru which is part of CWC, said: “These latest reports just underline what we and Cuts Watch Cymru have been saying for months.

“The UK coalition Government’s programme of benefit reform has left Wales teetering on the edge of an abyss that could see thousands of families falling into debt and desperation.

“Now that the facts are clear, the time has come for the Welsh Government to act to protect the poorest people of Wales from the disastrous effects of these measures.”

Read more: Wales Online


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